Tallenge offers the widest variety of categories for you to showcase your talent.


A film is never really good unless the camera is an eye in the head of a maker. If you believe that creating film to speak your thought is your strength, join us on Tallenge where we play host to your films, be they documentaries, spin off’s, parodies and just about any genre. Whether it be an old-school slapstick romcom or perhaps a brief animated story that you created for social awareness in a moment of inspiration, participate on Tallenge and walk away a winner, with a global viewership and fans.


You can upload clips or full-length features that showcase your filming proficiency, such as:

  • your staff picked ‘short movie’ that got you noticed by producers
  • the road-trip movie you filmed along with your best buddies
  • the social awareness movie you made for the community centre which went viral
  • the short rom-com movie you decided to film over the weekend

You can share videos, soundtracks, images and/or documents that project your filming capabilities to their best. Make sure you upload your best entries and get the most exposure and votes for them.

Participants on Tallenge have uploaded their content under these categories:

Oscars, Winners, Best actor male, best actor female, supporting role, negative role, cannes festival , international film festivals, indie films, sundance, sundance film festivals,  emmys, Action and adventure, Animation, Anime , Biopics , Bollywood , Comedy , Crime , Documentary , Drama , Family , Horror, Music documentary , Musical , Period and historical , Romance , Science fiction,   fantasy , Short films , Sport , Thriller , War films , Western , World cinema  , documentary, silent films, biography, inspirational, crossover, theater, epic, exploitation, credits, camera, video camera, studio, set up, location, budget, Hollywood, Student project, acting, characters, lead role, direction, production, scriptwriter,  dialogues, editing, subtitles

Be a part of a global film competition like no other, where the whole world gets a chance to watch and vote for your entry in a unique head-to-head format. Earn international acclaim, fame and also get a chance to win from a purse of a million dollars with your original film.

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